Letter to the water

Through Mossutställningar’s project Konstnärliga avsmyckningar av Fokus Skärholmen I will be writing a letter to the water, together with Malin Arnell. Together with other artists, writers and researcher; Patrick Kretschek, Christina Fredengren, Janna Holmstedt, Sara Söderberg, Loulou Cherinet and Zanyar Adami, we will engage through different creatures and elements such as water, ether, soil, air, fire and beings, which will take the format of a letter addressed to Skärholmen’s district administration, the development office and the city planning office. The first part of the project is happening during the spring 2022.

UMEQUEER av Imri Sandström

– Ett perfomance av Imri Sandström.
Med Imri Sandström, Malin Arnell och Mar Fjell. Söndag 20/2, kl 18.00.

UMEQUEER är en karta över platsspecifika queera minnen från Umeå, en väv av anonyma röster. Verket är en komposition över gemenskap och plats och denna gemenskaps olikheter och egenheter – en kraft, ett alltid oavslutat ”oss” som över tid på olika sätt har genomsyrat Umeå. Det är en hyllning till det myller av röster, minnen, erfarenheter och kopplingar som är så mycket större och alltid, alltid rör på sig.

Imri Sandström

Queer Cohesion at Detroit Stockholm

In Each Other’s Company took part in the exhibition Queer Cohesion at Gallery Detroit Stockholm August 5-8, 2021, curated by Hinni Huttunen & AnnaLeena Prykäri. Queer Cohesion is a series of three exhibitions that provides a platform for queer contemporary artists from the Nordic countries.

In Each Other’s Company contributed with parts from FOUNDATION and RIPPLES (two workshops, twelve participants from 2020/21).

We would like to invite you into our puddle by starting with a round, by sharing your name, pronounce and to answer the question:

How can we create intimacy without proximity?

The contributions taking part in this exhibition has happen through In Each Other’s Company’s, so far, two workshops; FOUNDATION and RIPPLES.

The first workshop, FOUNDATION, took place in person at Varvsarbetarhuset, Sätraskogens naturreservat, south of Stockholm in the summer of 2020. In the open call for FOUNDATION one could read: We would like us all to prepare a 30 minutes task/exercise/instruction which you would like to try out together with the group with the aim of coming together. Some of the eleven scores which we shared, you are welcome to engage through.

Due to the pandemic and subsequent restrictions we had to imagine how to be In Each Other’s Company – while apart, therefor our second workshop, RIPPLES, unfolded as a publication and is still unfolding in this very now. The publication assembles texts, notes, drawings and images which have emerged from joint processes between the summers of 2020 and 2021.

New ripples start here, with you.

What are your needs and desires?

Participants: Jon Ely Xiuming Aagaard Gao, Malin Arnell, Hedda Bauer, Ana Bernardino, Mar Fjell, Eva Karduck, Indra Linderoth, Res, Aja Svensson, Del LaGrace Volcano, Mike Wei, and Charlotta Öberg. In Each Other’s Company (IEOC) was initiated by, artist Malin Arnell, PhD and Mar Fjell, in 2018 from a strong need for a company — as an unlearning and re-learning puddle — where they, together with others, as queer, female and/or trans identified intersectional feminist critters, could intra-actively merge and become-with. IEOC is happening with support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee (SE), The Saari Residency, Kone Foundation (FI) and The Watch (DE). 

Residency at Gerlesborgsskolan / Exhibition part of GIBCA Extended

Becoming Carried Away by the Wind and the Waves will unfold during a one month residential stay at Gerlesborgskolan, Bohuslän, and will be exhibited at Galleri Gerlesborg at the end of the stay, as part of GIBCA Extended. I will invite my partner, artist and researcher Malin Arnell, to spend timespace through the waters outside Gerlesborg’s shore. Being part of the undercurrents of water and air, in self-made kayaks, we will gather experience for an aesthetic stance, and engage through maintenance of a now.

Waves hold potential. Waves hold stories.


An Arrival Can Be Fragile*

A liminal space -– a place were bodies pass through, sit down, gather, disperse, come back, hook up in public toilets, wait for a new destination, appear differently each day. These movements is connected to the process of making a drawing on a ten meter long paper role. Drawing has been a daily routine, a meditative practice, a pause, a negotiation with gravity, rhythm, space, scale, the hand, the paper and all our bodies. It has been a durational activity – an activity of desires, intimacy, touch and joy, of finding my position in relation to these bodies. Falling, floating, swimming, circulating. A milky way, a cobweb, a breath of dust and particles.

*in dialogue with Sarah Ahmed

Publication – in it’s becoming

In Each Other´s Company is currently working on the second ”workshop” which will unfold through a publication. Everyone who participated during workshop #1 have been invited to contribute with something – a ripple – to the publication. The work is proceeding through on-line meetings, exercises and our own processes and methods.

In Each Other’s Company is also invited to be part of the group exhibition Queer Cohesion taking place the 5.8-8.8 2021. Queer Cohesion is a Queer Cohesion` is a series of three exhibitions that provides a platform for queer contemporary artists from the Nordic countries. The respective exhibitions carry the following thematics; Collectiveness, Norm-Criticality and Body. Exhibitions are curated by invitations and Open Call. The project `Queer Cohesion` is initiated and curated by artists Hinni Huttunen and AnnaLeena Prykäri. The exhibitions will take palce at Gallery Detroit, Stockholm.

Score by Res for workshop #1

Residency at The Watch

During June-July me and Malin Arnell will be working at The Watch as part of their residency program., this year in relation to Care Taking.

We, artists and researchers Malin Arnell and Mar Fjell, aim to bring together, and further develop some of the experiences, methods and formats we have engaged through during our ongoing collaboration within “In Each Other’s Company”. 

Malin Arnell and Mar Fjell, ”Density Dependent Auto-reinforcing Response” (2020), performance. Photo: Andreas Bagge

We feel a strong need for self-other-care. To tell a specific story. To take a stand. Therefore we need to come together. To be together. To spend timespacematter together – in each other’s company. To build strength. To find the movements, words and materials that can hold and unfold this story. Make it live, to keep us alive. 

We were supposed to spend one month at The Watch last year but due to the global pandemic we agreed on a postponed residential stay. Our aim for last years stay was as follow: We will engage in and invite other queer critters to collectively vibrate – to create affirmative actions, empowering experiences and healing potentials in and around the Watch Tower. We will organise gatherings and participatory actions during our stay at The Watch, engaging through questions such as: How can the making of care and collectivity, through artistic practice, have a healing effect on queer, non binary and trans persons? How can we use specific frequencies (created by sound waves) to make imprints upon matter, which change energies and emotional states? What is needed to develop inter-dependent trust and courage? How do we mediate care and vulnerability through a temporary and performative practice?

Will will bring these questions with us during this year’s stay. For the collective aspect of the work we will put trust in our intimity without proximity. As a cooperative unit we will dissonant with your vibrations. We will engage and write through maintenance of a now. An act of gratitude and humbleness. Each word, letter, stroke is a vibration of a loving spell, a tip of a tongue, a texture, a weaving, a flooding, a becoming.



When Malin Arnell, PhD and Mar Fjell, MFA, come together, they become an interdisciplinary art worker, collaborator, researcher, educator, and musician, within socially engaged and performative practices. Since 2017, they have shared breaths through Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Treignac, Turku, Skomvaer, Bolzano, among other places. Now inhaling Berlin.

They explicitly do affectivity within a queer eco-erotic ethics of polymorphous perversity and care making. They explore conditions for participatory practices in territorial environments by emphasising the sticky shivers of (self-)touching through vibrating togetherness. Masturbatory cooperation, and a dis-location of those frictions, opens up an unending dynamism of entanglements aka everything in the name of all things queer.

With the support of The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Kone Foundation’s Saari Residency in Finland, they are now working towards establishing sustainable collaborative long-term queer engagements under the name “In Each Other’s Company”. Between January-June 2020 Mar was hosting the project ”A Call for Care and Connection” in their studio, during their residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, as a part of the development of ”In Each Other’s Company”

Upcoming exhibition ”Ass, Hands, Poses”

On Saturday 27 February, Mar Fjell’s exhibition ”Ass, Hands, Poses” opens at DUO Contradiction’s project #ArtWindowOfFridhemsplan.

The installation ”Ass, Hands, Poses” is a fraction of an ongoing work in the artist’s studio. What hangs loose, leans. What remains solid, destroy. That which is, deviates.

The openings take place outdoors at 2-5pm, Saturday 27 February. Address: Drottningholmsvägen 28

We will serve non-alcohol drinks and maybe a song.

Take care of one and each other, and keep distance.