Titanik off-site: Mapping the Pauses

On Sunday 21 July the first public gathering within the off-site project ”Mapping the Pauses” will unfold: Pause #1 – The Dog Park

Dogs are not surrogates for theory; they are not here just to think with. They are here to live with.
– Haraway, Donna, The Companion Species Manifesto: Dogs, People, and Significant Otherness (2003)

INFO: Artists Malin Arnell and Mar Fjell invite you to spend two hours together with them and the dog Loi, as part of “Mapping the Pauses”, a series of public gatherings they are organizing every Sunday, throughout their monthly off-site engagement at Titanik.

Pause #1 – The Dog Park is a participatory investigation which demands a two hour dedication and presence together with the group and the environment of the dog park. The gathering will include two parts: an introduction and presentation, which will be followed by some physical exercises through task-like performance scores.

More on: https://www.facebook.com/events/1278904838950607/

Grant: International cultural exchange

I’m happy to have received a grant for International Cultural Exchange, to be able to invite General Sisters (Ginger Brooks Takahashi och Dana Bishop-Root) from North Braddock, PA, USA to Hökarängen, Stockholm. They are invited to take part in the exhibition ”Circuit Training – a retrospective in becoming. Konsthall C 15 years 2004-2019” at Konsthall C, curated by me and Malin Arnell.


Cirkelträning – en retrospektiv i blivande. Konsthall C 15 år 2004-2019

During September and October, me and Malin Arnell will organize and engage in ”Circuit Training – a retrospective in becoming. Konsthall C 15 years 2004-2019” at Konsthall C. The exhibition works partly as a retrospective examination of Konsthall C’s 15-year activity and as a prospective speculation through six themes that the former artistic leaders formulated during their periods at the art space.

As part of Hyper-terrestrial we will activate Forest formations #2 in Nackareservatet

Forest formations #2
We take the invitation from Essi Vesala as an opportunity to spend timespace with a specific area of Nackareservatet.

We will place ourselves, together with the dog Loi, in the forest during three days. The Hyper-terrestrial exhibition and gathering will happen on our second day in the area.
Since it is a nature reserve we are not allowed to stay overnight. A sundial will decide our departures and our sleeping habits will decide our arrivals.

Most of the time we will non-verbally mingle with the surrounding materials and sounds. Occasionally, we will carry out various tasks, as survival strategies, which are required for our basic everyday needs.

We will inhabit an area of about 500 square meters, around a fallen old pinetree, marked on the map. You are invited to join us in whatever is happening at the moment.

Mario Fjell & Malin Arnell

Pinetree, Nackareservatet, Stockholm

Queer Art Festival

During Queer Art Fest 2019, at Konsthall C, Stockholm, I got invited to perform songs part of the project ”A Call for Care and Connection”.

Songs: Kingqueen, Skriker, Scopophilic Pervert, Skydda Mamma, Soft Butch, NoXXnoXY, Revolt Riot Rage*, Sugar Mamas, Fucking Real. Music and lyrics by Mar Fjell. *together with Tsomak Oga. http://www.stademonia.com/queer_art_fest/

Videographer: Kia L


Coming up: Performer in Pontus Pettersson’s ”Ägget, katten och dikten-Där ytan river sår” at Konsthall C and performance at Queer Art Fest at Konsthall C

I’m invited to perform in Pontus Pettersson’s work ”Ägget, katten och dikten-Där ytan river sår” 14th of April 1-4pm at Konsthall C. The opening for the exhibition is on the 5th of April 5-9pm. For further info: http://www.konsthallc.se

I’am also invited to perform at the Queer Art Fest, 12th of May 4pm at Konsthall C. The two-days festival is organized by StaDemonia Tattoo Stockholm (Sara Swanson and Soledad Aznar) together with GeraldoButcher Queen, Vera van Eindhoven and Tom O´Tottenham. For further info: http://www.stademonia.com/queerartfesteng/