Circuit Training – a retrospective in becoming. Konsthall C 15 år 2004-2019

With Brown Island, Camila Marambio, Sandi Hilal, Ulrika Gomm, Sidsel Nelund, General Sisters, Malin Arnell och Mar Fjell.

The exhibition Circuit Training serves as a retrospective examination of Konsthall C’s 15-year activity and a prospective speculation through six themes that the former artistic leaders formulated during their periods at the art space. During the first years, the focus was on democracy, urban planning and neighborhood work (2004-2010), followed by a period during which the art space’s internal work routines, methods and structures were reviewed and processed (2010-2012). Since 2012, three different artistic leaders or groups have each formulated a two-year curatorial framework for the art gallery’s activities. The themes they have worked on have been sustainability (2013-2014), home works (2015-16) and decoloniality (2017-18). The sixth theme is rest and recovery (2019).

Invited artists will, during the exhibition Circuit Training, use Konsthall C’s activities, premises, archives and neighborhood as workplace and materials, and raise issues based on the six areas that have previously been the focus of Konsthall C’s activities. Through a public program, some of the invited artists will also invite to participation through conversations and doings.

The artists Malin Arnell and Mar Fjell have, based on a request from Konsthall C to be responsible for the retrospective exhibition and to celebrate its 15-year of activity, organized the exhibition Circuit Training.

Program and Biographies


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