In Each Other’s Company

In Each Other’s Company A puddle for situated and dispersed embodied worlding.

We, Mar Fjell and Malin Arnell, understand In Each Other’s Company (IEOC) to be(come) something in-between a school, an artwork, an entanglements of kin, a punk band, a dance company for sustainable long-term queer engagements.

We feel a strong need for a company – as an unlearning and re-learning puddle – where we as queer identified intersectional feminist critters can intra-actively merge and become-with through new constellations. It is especially urgent in this timespace, when it has become clear that the transnationalist capitalist, anthropocentric and odd-phobic system only melt down the worlds resourses, and limits our naturecultural queer potentials. 

We imagine our “foundation”, the puddle, in all its muddiness to function as (a new) starting point which engage itself in the buildup of energy and the creation of new fault lines that disrupt, unsettle, and undermine even the most seemingly solid grounds. 

Our experience of daily structures of embodied engagements through different task-like proposals, has made us understand our strong need for a sustainable long-term structure of being IEOC. We are developing this experience and IEOC’s becoming with the support from /in collaboration with The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Saari Residency in Finland and Varvsarbetarhuset, Stockholm.

Projects that has unfolded within this structure are: 6 scores for Entangling Matter and Meaning, Forest formations, Mapping the Pauses and our curatorship at Konsthall C.