Mapping the Pauses

Malin Arnell & Mar Fjell: Mapping the Pauses
10 July – 11 August
Turku city space

Arte Artists’ Association has invited the Swedish artist duo Malin Arnell and Mar Fjell to realise a new process-based art piece focusing on the use of public space. The artists are working in the city space of Turku during four weeks in July – August 2019. The invitation is part of Arte’s off-site projects investigating art in public space.

During the next few weeks, Arnell and Fjell will be seen at different spots in the city space of Turku, carrying out daily scores. The project is based on subtle performative gestures, as well as a dialogue created with the city space. The project includes also events open for the public. More info coming on these very soon.

The performative piece Mapping the Pauses is based on the idea of a liveable life, where essential elements are wellbeing, caretaking and caremaking, rest and recovery, as well as slowness as a playful force. Within this framework, Arnell and Fjell’s piece unfolds in different parts of the city through gestures and movements, observation of the surroundings, as well as through being and doing together.

A part of the project is a publication, which both opens up the process with the piece, and also functions as its documentation. The publication includes a text by Jess Arndt, a dialogue between Malin Arnell, Mar Fjell and Hertta Kiiski, as well as a curatorial introductory text by Elina Suoyrjö. The publication is launch at the end of 2019, while Arnell and Fjell are artists-in-residency at Saari Residency.

Mapping the Pauses s the fourth off-site project arranged by Arte Artists’ Association, where the use of public space is at the core of a large-scale art project. The previous projects include Valtio+at the former county penitentiary in Turku in 2015, Parantolain 2016 at the Paimio Sanatorium drawn by Alvar Aalto, and Cache, which was arranged at various hidden or “invisible” spots in the city space of Turku in 2017.

The project is realised with the kind support from Oskar Öflund Foundation and Nordic Culture Point.

Pause #1 – The Dog Park, Pause #2 – In its becoming, Pause #3 – In its becoming and Pause#4 – In its becoming